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FS Salomon X Pro 80W boots 23.5/24

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Open to offers before they go on E Bay.
Women's boot, 80 flex. Black shell with purple buckles, white liners (couple of seasons back?) Can em you pics if you want. In original box.
I found them a comfy medium fit, but they held OK on my narrow mid to rear foot. You can Google the specifics if you need. just for overall appearance.
In good condition (may say very good): worn only ever indoors, probably about 5 days. Heat mouldable liners could probably be reheated to fit, so almost as new.
Stated size is 23.5, but I think they are more like a 24 in other shells/liners: certainly nowhere near as snug as my K2 23.5s.
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