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 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
A number pieces of gear in very good conditions are looking for a new home.

- Black Diamond Ascension STS skins. Probably used 5 times, so in almost perfect condition. They are cut for a Dynastar Cham High Mountain 184 long, 133/97/113 mm - 60 GBP plus postage ( for a view of the product)

- Down Lowdown 102 skis. 179 cm long. Skied once (!), drilled for Dynafit Radical FT (they come without bindings). 300 GBP plus postage or pick up in London ( I am selling them because I have too many pairs. Got them on a whim

- Dynafit Harscheisen 100mm Orange (max. waist 98mm) 30 pounds plus postage.

PM me for details or if you are interested.
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