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For Sale: Movement Response X Touring Ski 169cm

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Movement Response X Touring Ski 169cm

Selling for a friend. Great condition and hardly used. Edged and waxed last week. Think they are the 13/14 model. 169cm length. 17.5m radius. 89mm waist. 126/89/114 sidecut. Only 1kg per ski!

Fitted with Binding Freedom inserts (same as Quiver Killers) for a Dynafit Radical ST/FT binding (not Radical 2) for a BSL of approx 290mm but could obviously be drilled for another binding depending on hole pattern and sole length.

Pictures available on request - drop me a PM.

Cost around £700 new. Bargain at £220 posted via courier.
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