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Low din wide brake "powder bindings"

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hello all,

Considering picking up a pair of Black Crows Nocta (122 underfoot) to take to Japan next season and considering what my binding options would be as a light skier. I mention "powder bindings" as although I have Look Pivots for narrower skis there seem to be plenty of less positive responses to them for ease of "clicking in" in powder.

The intention is to visit Colin in the autumn to acquire an appropriately fitting pair of new boots at which point I will know the sole length accurately, in the meantime ... foot length is approx 265, however last time I rented boots I have a feeling that I ended up with 24.5s (after being measured and being initially offered 26.5s (I think from memory) and then requesting the next size down, and then requesting the next size down again!) which having looked online look like they would have a sole length of approx 285-290, with a weight of ~63kg this would appear to give a din of 6 and the next size up 5.5. Assuming that I will be squeezing my feet into as small a boot as possible I am therefore looking at a target din of around 5.5-6, this puts it right at the bottom of most "high end" binding din ranges.

I have Look Pivot 12 B95s for my "all mountain" skis which have a min din of 4 so an adequate margin above that. (again currently not mounted until I get the boots)
The Look pivot 12s seem to go up to a maximum brake width of 115 so not really wide enough however the pivot 14 goes up to 130mm which I guess would be ok, but the min din is 5, the same for the Salomon STH2 13, which doesn't leave much margin away from the edge of the designed range.

Any suggestions as to where I should be looking?

Many thanks
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
At your weight I'd go for a Marker Squire 11 ID with a 120mm brake.

And before you ask, yes I can supply a Squire with a 120mm brake just as I can supply a Pivot 12 with a 130mm brake. Just 'cause a manufacturer doesn't list that option doesn't mean that a decent shop can't supply it wink
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