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FS: 3x skis, Rossy S3, Rossy Super 7 and Volkl energy 320

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I have decided to have a (very reluctant) clear out of my skis which I have collected over the years and have taken me to an advanced level now. I am looking raise some funds for a new pair of skis at the end of the year and thus its time to let someone take advantage of these skis.

Pics are here

Anyway, from very beginner level we have:

£20 Volkl Energy 320 Skis 170cm with Marker motion 10 bindings - which have 65mm waist. These are beginner skis and great on piste, however they are hopeless off piste so if you are a beginner and are around 5'10 these may be the skis for you.

£120 Rossignol S3's 168cm with Tyrolia Sympro Demo 120 bindings They have a 98mm waist. They are quite frankly amazing skis and these are the ones I have skied with over the last few years and I love these babies to bits. They are all mountain and can handle anything you throw at them. I have used them on piste, off piste, deep and shallow powder and they have never let me down. I will be very sad to see these go.

£160 Rossignol Super 7, 172cm with Rossignol Axium 120 bindings These are my "fatties" which I use if there is only powder about and I don't need to jump onto piste. These boys are great in powder, so easy to move, to turn and you just float along the snow.

All skis have been looked after. They have been sharpened and waxed and p-tex'd where necessary after going over a few stones. I wax the skis before each trip so I don't have any issues with sticky snow. There are a few chips on the upper part of the skis which you can see in the pics but generally everything is fine with them and I have enjoyed many trips with these skis.

I have no idea how much it will cost for postage but I guess I can post if required using someone like Hermes. If you have any questions then please let me know.
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