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Nursery Slope

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
The term ‘Nursery Slope’ seems self explainitory. But I’ve been flicking through a book, published in 1945, called ‘A Dictionary of RAF Slang’ which refers to ‘nursery slope’ (as ‘an easy target on which bombing-beginners practice.’ Follows ‘nursery (An elementary Flying-training school.’)
Anyway, I find it interesting because it only makes sense in the way skiiers refere to it, a gentle slope to begin skiing on. 1945 though, I’d have thought, surely pre-dates ‘alpine’ sport skiing as we know it. Would such a thing have existed pre-war?
(PS. No IDEA where the ‘I’ve weed myself’ bit of my post came from, it doesn’t exist in ‘Edit’ mode!)
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