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185 JJs - 2010-11 model

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I have a pair of 2010-2011 Armada JJs for sale. Basically, since the arrival of very small gorillas I no longer need a dedicated powder ski. These have seen light use - no more than a few weeks. The have never had a base grind, have minimal topsheet damage and are generally in good condition. I look after my stuff.

They have a minor imperfection in that they were slightly mismounted. Spyderjon corrected this by fitting inserts and any imperfection is not obvious and does not impact performance. It would also be irrelevant if the skis were remounted. They come with a pair of Look P14s in silver with the screwset for the QKs.

Unsure how to price these. On the one hand they are getting on a bit. On the other, they are a great ski and both the skis and bindings are in good nick. I'd happily take an offer.
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