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For Sale: 2 Pairs Dynafit Mercury TF Touring Boots 2014/5 UK SizesTwo pairs for sale each used less

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Two pairs for sale each used less than 5 times. A lovely light comfortable boot. I snapped my ACL early 2015 and we have done no touring since hence sale ☹

Details Boot 1: 26.0, EU40.3, UK7, US8
Details Boot 2: 25.0, EU 39.3, UK6, US7

Condition as new bar the usual scratches to the toe from practicing with AT bindings bindings. Each comes complete with optional laces, inserts etc.. Each boot is less than 1600g and is flex rated 110. They are in the UK and I can provide photos in a week’s time when I return. In the meantime here is a stock photo and specification:
Here is a link to a Snowheads discussion on touring boots

Each pair for sale at £150. They retail at £350 if you can still find them.
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