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touring set up

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
atomic bent chetlers 185 skis for 3 days..... see link for review
dynafit beast 14 set up currently for 300mm shell but clearly can be moved to suit larger shell, again skied for 3 days
atomic skins, cut to size but unused

whole package £550, i have looked online and the cheapest that i can find this set up is £860 (£400 for the ski, £290 for the binding and £170 for the skin so a good saving)

i will split as am happy to keep the binding and skins but am also to get new gear with new skis.... only selling as am going to a full touring set up, where as this ski is an epic allrounder, (i skied the previous model as a one ski quiver for a while)

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