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K2 AMP Charger

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
122. 74. 105.
17M radius
Brand new. Factory wax removed and waxed ready for this season
Bought these last year for this years trip. They are here with me in La Tania raring to go.
They havenít been on any snow the only time they have been worn was on a carpet at home to check boot position, max 10 mins.
If youíre interested then contact me and we can arrange viewing in la Tania.
Thereís nothing wrong with them, always been a fan of K2 but got a pair of Blizzard Latigo and 3 pair of skis is too extravagent for my ability.
If you want pics send me your email and Iíll send them asap.
Iím in 3V till end of March.
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