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For Sale: Snow chains Polaire XP16 105 £50 Croydon

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Polaire XP16 Snow Chains Type RV Size 105 Weight 7.55kg Type 105. Snow chains are as bought at new.
XP16 - Manually tensioned 4x4 chain.

- Chain for 4x4.
- Economical range.
- Chain fitted by manual tensioning
- Non-return ratchet ensures that tension is maintained in all circumstances.
- Semi-rigid box includes a pair of gloves.
- Chain made of high strength steel links, zinc plated, 4.5 mm square section.
- The return hooks on it allow the tension to be distributed on several points.
- Thanks to its non-return ratchet, the tensioning chain is quickly positioned when fitting.
- Complies with panel B26 of the Highway Code.
- Snow chain not suitable for vehicles designated not suitable for chains.

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