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Smith I/OX and Three Lenses

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Smith I/OX - Mark Abma Edition with Three Lenses

Snow heads price is £90inc postage or £80 collected in Edinburgh, or you can by though eBay if you prefer in the link below.

Pictures are on the eBay Link here

Ive used the frames for a week and the Green Solex for 5 days and the ignitor mirror for two days, the blue sensor is brand new and still has its factory seal on the back of the lens.

Postage is Free in the UK / EU

Comes with:

Ignitor Mirror - Smiths one lens quiver prefect for changeable days, I've used this in Scotland for two days.

Green Solex - 15% VLT for the sunny days but prefect for dealing with afternoon shadows in Europe, Ive used this for a full week in Verbier and it copes well with anything bar night, total white out or fog.

Blue Sensor Mirror - Still in its wrapper, sadly last season wasn't the best so this was never taken out as there wasn't a powder day to be had.
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