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Replacement Shoulder, when to ski?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I crashed my motorbike a little spectacularly in August and knocked the top off my humerus and shattered the ball (and no, it really wasn't funny!!)

There wasn't enough to pin and plate (proper shattered!) so I had a replacement bit stuck in - due to wounds on my knees, the op was 2.5 weeks after the accident when they had to reattach a load of tendons, ligaments, muscles, as well a pop in a bit of cobalt chrome to replace the bit that couldn't be fixed!

Has anyone else had this kind of op (with or without the trauma)? How long before you were confident to ski? I'm ok to drive my RHD transit and have been driving a LHD minibus which is going ok (most of the movements are similar to my physio!).

I'm just wary about skiing - just in case! Also, I'm guessing I'd have to tell the insurance co so that they can tell me if they'd cover me?

To be fair, I've pretty much written off any chance of skiing this season - maybe christmas day/new years day - but also don't know anyone who's done the same sort of thing and also skis! Very Happy Would be interesting to hear from anyone who can give me some idea of a ski recovery time Very Happy
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