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Niseko 17 person luxury chalet available Jan 5-12

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi guys,

Iím selling my deposit to stay at Chalet Zekki in Hirafu Village, Niseko for 7 nights from Jan 5 to Jan 12. Itís a 17 person luxury chalet located in Hirafu Village. See details here:

Our group was unable to make the numbers to make the property affordable so Iím looking to sell the deposit and hand over the reservation.

The total cost of the reservation is JPY 2,274,160.00
Iíve paid a 20% deposit of JPY 454,830.00

If anyone is interested in taking the booking from me, we would arrange for payment of the deposit to myself, and connect you with the booking agent to pay the rest of the fee to them. You would just take over the booking on our behalf. For anyone seriously interested Iím happy to Skype call with you, provide my own ID, booking paperwork, bank transactions and contacts of the booking agent to confirm legitimacy.

There is no negotiation on the price.

For anyone interested please email me on

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