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Withdrawn: Canada Goose Mens Expedition Jacket

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Apologies that this is slightly off topic but hopefully of interest to those of us who like cold environments/winter in general!

I'm having a bit of a sort out of autum/winter wardrobe things (as it is autumn now!!) and am having a think about either trading this for something slightly smaller or freeing up some funds for another purchase!

Little introduction needed for those who like outdoor wear-this is the ultimate in cold weather wear. I bought this as I got a good deal on it a few years ago (hence the older style logo on the labels for those with a keen eye). I sized down to a small from my usual medium but since purchasing it, I haven't worn it that much as it is really a little too big even then. Unless you wear it with lots of layers it is probably good for at least a 40' chest or more like 42'. External Pit-to-Pit is 23' with lots of adjustment at the waist and hem.

Condition is excellent and I can't see any signs of wear. As you can see, comes with all the tags it was sold with and unlike many selling for £00's on EBay, this is totally genuine. Purchased from Tamarak Outdoors in Preston back when they were a CG dealer.

RRP on these has just gone up to £975 which is an incredible amount of money for a jacket! For this, I am looking for £500. Ideally this would be collected in London but could post via RMSD to the UK at cost (which might be quite a but due to value and weight, this weighs nearly 3kg). Alternatively, if anyone has a slimmer fit model (Langford/Chateau etc) in similar condition with evidence of authenticity and wants to swap or get a larger fit, that would be of interest. Can add/receive some cash if needed.

No offers please and this may be withdrawn if something I have my eye on disappears or I have a change of heart!

Now for the all important pictures:

IMG_1497 by Matt G, on Flickr

IMG_1498 by Matt G, on Flickr

IMG_1499 by Matt G, on Flickr
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