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2017 Dynafit Dhaulagiri 169

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
2017 Dynafit Dhaulagiri 169 bought a couple of weeks ago, used for a weeks touring but too short I need the next size up at 177.

The weigh in at 1.3kg and are 98 under foot with a big tip rocker, excellent float for such a light ski and a pleasure to break trail in deep snow. An excellent light touring ski that can still handle powder or spring slush. The rocker does make them ski short hence me sizing up to about my head height length.

They are drilled for Dynafit radical/speed radical/speed turn should fit around 285-310 BSL but if you are near the limits of the I can check exactly for you.

Selling flat for £295 Ono rrp is £540

If you are interested in them with the speed turn 2.0s that are on I'd consider selling them complete for the right price.
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