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Soldeu Snowboard Hire

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
In traditional "leave everything to the last minute" style (when will I ever learn?), I discover that the night before my flight:

a) My main board has a massive crack down one of the bindings

b) My backup board & boots that a buddy gave me (who I was sure was the same size feet as me) - he's actually a freak of nature & I'd need clown shoes on inside his ex-boots to remotely have a hope of riding that.

So, the long & short of it is I need to hire some kit when I get to Soldeu Sad

The prices the internet is giving me for kit hire are no bueno - so am hoping someone can direct me to a good place to hire a board (& boots if necessary)

All help gratefully appreciated - and if anyone is around from Monday onwards, LMK - always happy to meet for a beer or some runs.

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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
I always used to use to book online for Andorra, but I don't think it's run by the same company any more so I can't comment on it. Still, it's showing €116 for 6 days in Soldeu, which is acceptable albeit not a wild bargain. Still, probably cheaper than hiring in the shops - though it wouldn't hurt to call the partner shop they use [Ski Calbo] to find out. (I don't know this shop these days, but it used to be thoroughly recommendable for snowboards despite being a typical factory-line kind of hire place.) I'm confident that they will speak English.

Pic Negre is another chain of shops in Andorra; I think they have a website so maybe they publish their hire prices.

But, can you not transfer the bindings from your mate's board to your one? Possibly not of course, if e.g. one is Burton and the other is not.
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