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Mount Washington Ski Trains

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead

The Mount Washington Cog Railway will carry skiers and snowboarders for runs next to the railway trestle today for the first day of the service's inaugural season. (photo: Mount Washington Cog Railway)

Now here's a lovely sedate way to get back up the slope. An ancient steam powered cog railway with heated carriages in use today for the first time as a Ski Lift. See this article from firsttracksonline
“This is probably the most unique skiing and riding experience in the world,” says Cog Railway President Wayne Presby. “Our partnership with Bretton Woods adds a whole new dimension to the alpine experience at The Mount Washington Resort.”

Starting this winter, skiing and snowboarding train passengers will have the option of riding the world’s first mountain climbing cog railway to the base of Cold Spring Hill, to access beginner terrain, or to the Waumbek Siding, for intermediate-level skiing and riding. A single groomed trail, with snowmaking, running parallel to the railway trestle is about one mile long and offers 1,100 vertical feet of skiing and riding

On July 3, 1869, Old Peppersass, the little workhorse-of-an-engine that resembled a pepper sauce bottle, became the first cog-driven engine to climb the three-mile track to the 6,288-foot summit of Mount Washington. Specially designed engines with slanted boilers, to compensate for the angle of the track, were built and open-air passenger coaches ensued.

Today, in the true spirit of the original “Little Engine that Could,” the Cog Railway continues to carry passengers on the round trip journey in coaches that are pushed up the mountain by coal-fired steam engines
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