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Mountain Safety properly, at the FUPSB.

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I wonder if anyone would be up for some proper mountain safety training at the 2nd PSB week? (8-15 Dec in Tignes)

I believe I can procure the services of a specialist BASI trainer in mountain safety for all or part of that week.
The format and level of course would depend upon who was interested in joining but we're talking a whole level or 6 up in seriousness from anything we've done before.
Proper BASI courses tend to be for around 10 people and last 5 days. We tend rather to run groups of up to 6 and would typically run a course over 3 days. There are pros and cons either way and I'm happy to be guided by what people want.

I'm thinking, anyone training towards instructor levels or seriously into their off-piste/back-country would stand to benefit from this.

So, might anyone be interested and at what sort of level?
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