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Ski Movie Music - New Spotify profile, 60+ movie playlists

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead

SkiMovieMusic is a new Spotify profile making playlists for ski movies.

I am currently at 60+ movies with cover pictures etc. (more comming).

The profile currently has movie playlists ranging from 1993 --> today, from:
- Poorboyz
- Level 1
- Teton Gravity
- Sherpa Cinema
- Inspired Media
- Field Productions

Spotify link: spotify:user:6uqoemvo76plo0ntt17s8hyzc
Web link :

Most of the lists are not updated with the tracks that are not available on spotify, but I will try to add them so that you have the complete lists. Descriptions will also be added in the future, and possibly (dont hate) snowboard movies.
Many of the movies already have playlists on different accounts, but this profile was made to gather most of the movies so that it is easier for you all to find the tracks from your favorite movies.
Big thanks to Jesse and the now closed, msp and everyone else making lists etc.

Requests, corrections, contributions etc. to or in comments.
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