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UK Sports to cut Winter Olympic funding by £9m

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
UK Sport has announced significant cuts to the budgets for the run up to Beijing 2022. Following the programme of funding medal targetted sports, Bobsleigh, figure skating and short track team funding has been axed (although some specific funding for particular athletes like Ellie Christie will still be funded.

More positively, thanks to the medal successes in Korea, funding for skeleton (up to £7.2m), ski and snowboard (up to £6.75m) and curling (up to £6.35m) has increased.

UK Sport CEO Liz Nicholl said, "While UK Sport would like to be able to invest in every Olympic and Paralympic sport our role is to prioritise within agreed resources in order to protect and enhance the medal potential within the system... We believe these strategic investments will deliver medal winning success to inspire the nation once again in Beijing in 2022."
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