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New telecabine for Champoluc (Monterosa, AO) to Crest, at last

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
So the S-i-L reports that work has begun on replacing the aging (1983) bubble from Champoluc to Crest, long overdue.

Increased capacity from 1,800 p/h to 2,400 p/h, mainly due I suspect to increased cabins from 6 to 8.

If my Italian translation is adequate, running more or less from the existing base station which will be modernised to a new top station which will be adjacent to the Crest-Ostafa link. A bit of remodelling at the top, adding another kiddy carpet up to the Cré Forné hotel (which provided a splendid lunch a few weeks ago so that's definitely No Bad Thing.)

Due to be back in service for 2018/19 season start - fingers crossed!
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