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Private ski lessons at Snozone MK

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi all,

I've got my missus a day's lessons at Snozone in Milton Keynes on the 14th January before she heads to the real slopes for a weekend later that month. In an ideal world I was hoping to take our two kids (8 and 5 years old) for beginners lessons as neither have been before, however there's no availability for any weekend at all for under 11s.

Does anyone know of any private ski instructors (independent of the Snozone staff) near to MK who would be able to do a beginners class for this? That said, I'm not even sure how (or even if) that would work as I'm not familiar with the MK slope, having only ever been to the fridges in Manchester, Glasgow and Castleford before... I might be that it just wouldn't work....

Any thoughts?
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