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ACL *repair* experiences ("internal brace")

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I agree with @Raceplate: on a brief read of the posted link, the BEAR does look promising, at least in theory, and seems to offer a much less traumatic approach (at least to other tendons) to ACL damage/loss utilising a natural healing process (so I am reading it). I believe that the ACL does have the ability to regrow/heal/reattach, as the MCL can, but normally doesn't becasue it's flapping around in a load of blood or fluid (???) inside the injured knee - hence the scaffold giving it something to cling onto whilst healing.
(Oddly, the exact visualisation which I used - though knowing nothing of this procedure or idea - when desperately trying to encourage my very-recently-ruptured ACLs to grab hold of their frayed ends and regrow/attach themselves. Heck, might even have worked... wink Need a hope and pray emoticon here. )
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Itís very frustrating that there are no published results for some of these techniques. Lack of fundings for research is often the block but had a tiny bit of the marketing budget been allocated we would have them.
A cynic might suggest that the lack of results means they are being buried.

The BEAR found whole blood better than PRP in a study they did. They wet the sponge with it.

The PRP/ arthritis literature is showing a bit more promise and I have used it in a small number of arthritic knees with, so far, good outcomes.
Iím watching the mesenchymal stem cell literature very carefully as there is a bit more promise there aswell. Itís a very hot, very hyped topic but we may be seeing some progress. A review paper is out this month which is making me look at whatís available.

The PRP and MSC injections are, as you say, aimed at modifying the response
to the arthritis rather than curing it. That is fine as some manage to live with a worn knee for decades if it doesnít hurt.

Jonathan Bell
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