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Unexpected trip via Innsbruck .Wjere should we go?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
My son was home visiting from Uni and the wife suggested we go skiing/ boarding in early Jan before he goes back to uni( this was a surprise as we already have two trips booked) and I am not one to turn a suggestion like that down.So I managed to get return flights to Innsbruck on miles from 6 th to 13 th Jan.I have skied a bit in Austria but always from Salzburg or Munich.Have been to Ski circus,Maria Alm,Seefeld,Garmisch,Ischgl and Schladming and would appreciate any suggestions particularly accomodation . As this is just me and my son we are not worried about spas etc but would like a hotel with decent food and a bar.I ski and he boards and we can get down pretty much anything.Oh and we get into innsbruck at 6pm so somewhere within an hour and a half would be good as I guess it will be 7 ish before we clear the Irport.
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