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Zermatt (and Cervinia) 2017/18

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
In the spirit of last year here is the new 17/18 weather thread for Zermatt / Cervinia. After what was a fairly weak season in 16/17 lets hope the weather gods are feeling a tad more generous this year and things get kicked off properly.

I've linked in below some useful websites (some of which are still in summer mode but some getting back in action):

Zermatt Main Site:

Ski Passes:

Piste Map:

News Updates:



Avalanche Risk:

Live Lift Status:

Hopefully the Furgsattel lift will start running early doors like last year on or around Monday 16th October to interlink with the Ski Test running from the 14th October to 3rd December.

Hopefully he doesn't mind but from last years thread please find below @JohnMo's recommendations for itinerary runs in Zermatt - a great summary of whats there if enough of the white stuff comes down.

67/68 – run down next to the piste. Nice and wide. Not a lot of cliff edges. Usually plenty of people around and from most places you can be seen from the piste. The best place to start.

59/60 – similar to 67/68 but a bit steeper and not as many people around and can’t be seen from the piste.

58 – known by my daughter as “death route” because I took her on it when her skiing was not really up to it. It starts off dead easy then gets steep then falls into the trees. I love it. Don’t do it unless you can handle really sharp turns or you have a desire to get very intimate with a tree trunk. Nowhere near a piste.

49 and 43 – just ways to get to restaurants or back to town but do them if you are passing by.

30 – getting into the real stuff now. Try this before you take the lifts over to Rote Nase and Stockhorn. If you enjoyed 67 and 68 you’ll probably enjoy this. But unless you are confident on this don’t try …

31/32/33/34 – heaven on earth in my opinion. I could spend a whole day playing over these routes. You get an ancient lift over there that only serves itineraries and not groomed pistes. Unless you know them don’t try to do them on a bad light day – it would be easy to stray off route (or just go off the edge of a rock drop!) and no-one is going to find you. On a clear day there should be enough other people around to make you feel not too nervous. If you go to Zermatt and are a reasonably competent and confident skier (and fit) it would be a real pity not to head over here. But do check whether your own insurance covers you.

10 – easy peasy lemon squeezy. But surprisingly nice run still. Another good one to try if you just want to find out if you can cope with itineraries.

16/17/18 – Great runs to do and often have unskied snow for several days after a dump but they do not get a lot of people on them so those of a nervous disposition might not like them. Can be very steep in parts and there are rocks a plenty. If you were fine on the Stockhorn sector you should try these ones as well. But it is much better to do with at least one other person (and stay in sight of each other) than on your own.

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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Cheers @Run28, the webcam at Trockener Steg is showing a nice smattering of white stuff and the lower glacier below Furgsattel is looking bright white now. Most encouragingly the artificial snow has been blasting away and the piste bashers are working at creating that link between the lower glacier and the lift station at Trockener Steg. Barring a disaster there should be no problem with the Furgsattel lift opening up on the 16 October due date. Until then of course the summer skiing up on the Klein Matterhorn glacier is still going and should be benefiting from the recent snow.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
will be watching this thread with interest, along with Noza's weather outlook thread. Off back to Zermatt in Feb- lovely snowHead
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