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Poster: A snowHead
stanton wrote:
Polluting Snow mobiles should be banned from Yellowstone Park Between 500-1000 of these machines ride throught the park daily in the Winter.

Polluting noisy 2-stroke Snowmobiles were definitely having quite an adverse effect in Yellowstone by the late 1990s and a few years ago (to much opposition from the snowmobile operators) the Park Service banned them and would only allow in a limited number (which is now currently up to 500 per day) of much quieter and cleaner snowmobiles powered by 4-stroke engines into the Park (even though the operators argued at the time that 4 stroke snowmobiles would be underpowered and impractical). In fact undoubtedly the banning of 2 stroke snowmobiles inside the Park drove the development of practical cleaner quieter 4-stroke snowmobiles, as even the snowmobile enthusiasts will acknowledge e.g see this article.

The current National Park agreement regulating the use of snowmobiles in Yellowstone is discussed here.
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