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Christmas Skiing - Your Experiences

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Where did you go? Stayed in Vallandry, one of the linked villages to Les Arcs with easy access to all of area and La Plagne if needed

How much snow was there? Enough to ski on! Last Christmas was not the best, but there was plenty of snow to ski on piste and links down to villages were open

What was the snow quality like? Surprisingly good - it was cold and they had made snow to keep the pistes in good condition

What was the weather like? Sunny!

How busy was it? Average - busier than Easter but quieter than half-term from experience of being there at those times. Some pinch points where lack of snow meant some runs/lifts were closed but never queued too much

How 'Christmassy' did the resort feel? A little - there were decorations, there was a santa in square Xmas eve. We took some battery powered fairy lights and a very small tree! However our apartment was festive with these additions and our Xmas playlist

Your overall experience/enjoyment? what's not to like! Skiing on Xmas day Madeye-Smiley Started day with glass of fizz on balcony looking out at the mountains, skied for a few hours the shared a couple of pizzas for lunch, bit more skiing then back to cook a sort of Xmas dinner made up of leftovers we had frozen and taken with us from our real Xmas dinner a week early.

In all honesty Xmas day in ski resorts IMO are just another day, Xmas spirit is what you make of it. We have done it with young kids, but sort of cheated and had a proper xmas at home before we left! Would do it every year if I could, now kids are teens they're not bothered about Xmas so much, I slightly missed some of the "traditions" of home
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