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Self catering chalets - Austria/Italy for a change? Or France!

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi all. Does anyone know of quality self catering chalets in Austria or Italy probably for 12 - 15 people? It is my 40th next year and I'm interested in booking a whole chalet for a few family/friends being a mix of kids and adults all intermediate + ability. Resort not hugely important but prefer a decent size skiing area with some apres buzz (e.g. Arlberg, Dolomites). I know typically both countries are guest house/hotel/catered accommodation but we tend to want to do our own thing re. meals and with the bigger group would prefer for everyone to stay together if possible without rooms in hotels etc. Accommodation extras (e.g. hot tub) are important as the group will want to do some chillaxing as well (skiing more important to me!). We have been to 3V for the last 3 years so I fancy a change of scene (and potentially cost!) so hence Austria/Italy. But if nothing is really possible as SC chalet type accommodation would consider other French resorts also. Thanks for any input!
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