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Ski break for under £200!! - April 15th-16th

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead

I am visiting the Dutch snow dome (500m long piste) at Landgraff in May with friends but have the itch to go next weekend as well due to a new pair of skis that need trying out Very Happy

No one is around for next weekend so I thought I would post it on here and see if anyone else is interested.

I am 46 year old male, extroverted introvert, sure I can rub along with most people for 48 hours Happy

I am flexible but had the following as a loose start to a plan of action:

1. I can drive, I am based in Berkshire so people can either drive to mine or I can pick up on the way to Folkestone

2. This is a cheapy and its a snow dome, although its long at 500m I figured 2 days will be enough

3. Early start on Saturday 15th to catch 06:20 crossing, arrive Landgraff approx 11:30 skiing by 12:00, ski until evening sometime - closes 11pm, return in the morning for 9am, ski until mid afternoon and drive back to Calais for evening crossing

4. Return euro tunnel tickets for 48 hours are only £80 at the moment

5. I calculate that costs including 2x lift tickets, shared tunnel & fuel + 1 x nights accommodation but not including food will be approx:

2 people £185+food
3 people £160+food
4 people £145+food

UPDATE: They are running a "Crazy Summer" promotion From 1 April till 30 September: 8 hour ski pass + barbecue for €32.50 per person so the above costs will be a bit less and no lunch to pay for on the 2 days

Might be a bit more if cheap accom not available

If anyone might be interested please let me know asap as available cheap accommodation around the area is slim and the tunnel might lose availability/increase crossing price


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