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Poster: A snowHead
Through some really bad planning on our part, our normal child care (the kids are in their teens so more than childcare just a case of granny being on town now) was in south america after we booked our second week away in Les Arcs for last week.

So you have one doing A levels, one doing AS's and one doing GCSE's. Choice was to cancel holiday or take them out of school. School can be caught up on so we took them away. I then decided they might as well learn something so they would learn to board, they can ski and oldest could board already. Booked the 2 boys 4 x 2 hour private lessons, cheaper than 6 days of group and it worked a treat, instructor was brilliant. Depressing how quick they pick it up, middle kid going with school soon and is going to change to boarding for that. By mid week we were all out together boarding, great family fun. Eldest you just ask to wait at the bottom and we will catch up with her, terrifying speed.

Comments of 'I will never wear skis again', 'skiers are so rude' were heard, brought a tear to my eye, true converts....Not sure how their exams will go but surely boarding is a better life skill?
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