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Poster: A snowHead
Fri 26-01-18 22:23
Replies: 1
put me down as a possible? off to morzine tomorrow, not sure if I'll be feeling the board love this year or not...
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Tue 16-01-18 1:04
Replies: 9
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Tue 16-01-18 1:04
Replies: 9
@ansta1,'re are the owner-driver of the white Synchro and on SH? Seriously impressive 'green-roading'. CV gaiters are a pain. Ball joints are dead easy... knock yourself out :D
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Wed 27-12-17 23:57
Replies: 8
it's edi gva for me Clive. three flights a day on Saturdays, and I think at least two the other days. swiss rental cars all have winter tyres so no stress there and pds is less than two hours away. Get the 06.30 and you can be skiing that afternoon 8)
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Tue 10-01-17 0:39
Replies: 71
You're getting plenty good advice here, so I'll just mention that "prima and secondi pianti" would more or less mean "first and second plants" Pianti = plants Piatti = plates/dishes/courses :D
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Thu 1-01-15 12:42
Replies: 818
This post here ^^^ sums it up perfectly. I also think a lot of the bluff, bluster, posturing and generally behaving like an arse to the reps is done knowing it's going to be followed up by a strongly worded email "seeking a goodwill gesture to compensate ourselves for the unacceptable treatment we underwent at the hands of your employees"
Well, it's only polite to Register
Wed 1-01-14 13:38
Replies: 17
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Wed 1-01-14 13:28
Replies: 36
Buy them over there once you've picked up your car?
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Thu 21-11-13 11:17
Replies: 3
Hopefully there are some climbers here as well :D I'm looking for a base in the dolomites (like eg St Martin de Belleville or Chatel) that would be a good place to come back to in the summer for some Via Ferrata-ing. I've heard Canazei is nice and well connected - is this accurate? Where else would be good? Cheers, Al
And post your own questions...
Thu 21-11-13 11:06
Replies: 28
Do we think the Dolomites are going to be busy the week of 4th-12th Jan? I hadn't considered the Russian NY :shock: Any recommendations for medium sized nice resorts will be welcomed... (kinda like the equivalent of Chatel or St Martin de B) I'll probably start a topic in the relevant section in a mo :sH:
which other snowHeads love to answer.
Sun 3-11-13 22:28
Replies: 98
And they're a friendly bunch.
Fri 22-02-13 11:20
Replies: 15
Thanks all :D :D It looks like I'll get a flavour for how bad the traffic is going to be by the time I get onto the A8. I can then decide whether to come off at the 93, or carry on to Salzburg etc.
You know it makes sense.
Wed 20-02-13 11:43
Replies: 15
Hello :D Instead of our normal trip to France, we are heading to Austria for the first time on saturday afternoon. We should be on the road for about 1500 - is the traffic going to be bad enough to look at going cross country? Also can you buy a vignette at the airport or services in germany, or do you have to wait for the border? Any other tips? I am watching the Austria vs France topic with interest... Cheers, Al
Otherwise you'll just go on seeing the one name:
Fri 8-02-13 14:55
Replies: 30
Just seen this and its probably too late to do any good, but with Android you can remotely install "find my..." apps once the phone is already lost (dont ask how I know :oops: ) Its probably the same with Apple?
Poster: A snowHead
Wed 25-01-12 15:05
Replies: 6
I've got lessons booked with ESI and Mountain safari - when are you going out and if I'm back before then I'll let you know how I get on. Alternatively if you're there 4-11 feb and beginner-intermediate ski or intermediate snowboard perhaps we could share lessons?
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Fri 20-01-12 0:39
Replies: 0
any reccommendations? there are about 6 on the chatel website, some with their own sites, some just email but obviously any personal experience would be good. looking for beginner and intermediate instruction on skis and board, maybe with off piste if conditions are right cheers, al
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Tue 17-01-12 22:55
Replies: 6
st martin village has pay wifi but not sure how far up the hill you would get with it. i was definitely picking it up in the cable car but cant remember if it was available at the top or not
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Tue 23-02-10 23:08
Replies: 1120
Very similar in Chatel today - wet at village/bottom lifts but heavy snow further up. good fun but vis was poor. Tomorrow should be awsome!!
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Mon 15-02-10 21:08
Replies: 1
I'm in PdS next week but I'm not good enough for off piste yet :cry:
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Sat 6-02-10 21:08
Replies: 166
I do what I can when in France, but I was struggling in the Bourg St Maurice Lidl last year trying to find the salt - the shop assistant didn't speak any english and I had no idea what the word was - its not an easy thing to describe :blush: It cuts both ways though, in the UK you probably wouldn't deem it necessary to say "good morning" or whatever when you enter a shop, but you expect people to say "excuse me" or "sorry" for minor brushes that would go unnoticed in France or Italy. IMO its just different rules for different places, you see it clearly on the roads as well - things that would be met with :shock: :twisted: and heart attacks at the wheel in the UK are treated as perfectly normal in other places :D
Well, it's only polite to Register
Wed 27-01-10 20:56
Replies: 25
Dr John, It isn't a matter of it being literally "crushed", but more about the fact that it may have been banged about without your knowledge. Like most protective helmets, ski helmets are designed to protect from one major impact only, and should be replaced if that ever happens, regardless of whether you can see damage to the helmet. If it has been in soft sided hold luggage, you will never know whether it has been bashed that hard or not. While this is true, I've always taken the view that if your head (or something equally heavy) is not inside the helmet, then the cushioning is very unlikely to have to absorb any impact from getting battered around in your bag. Having said that, I'd prefer mine in hand luggage along with trousers and gloves just in case my hold luggage goes awol!!!
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Sat 16-01-10 22:16
Replies: 11
Last time I bought an Itailan sim in 2006 it took them three days to turn it on, and I had to provide loads of info including an italian address, can't remember if they needed a codice fiscale (NI number) as well. Pain in the ass!! Cheers, Al
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Mon 11-01-10 1:09
Replies: 1
Hi all, I made a bit of a schoolboy error and booked flights for my wife and I to Geneva 20-28th Feb, which I now realise is slap bang in the middle of the french holiday season (well not bang in the middle, I managed to miss UK half term by a week ;-) ) I can deal with fighting for tables in restaurants and the european attitude to queues while off the piste, and I can cope with paying over the odds for a tiny apartment etc etc But I've got no idea how busy the slopes and lifts are going to be and I'm starting to get a bit worried!!! We are both beginners/intermediates and I'm worried that if there are huge crowds all over the resort it'll ruin the holiday :( We were planning Portes du Soleil as per my only other post on here, but I've been making half assed plans to drive to Italy or a Swiss resort to avoid the crowds, or alternatively change weeks although we really wanted the break for that particular week. Whats your advice :sH: Many thanks and sorry about being a panicked n00b!!
And post your own questions...
Sun 10-01-10 15:48
Replies: 8
:D Hi :sH: first post and its a question - on balance which is better out of the two resorts? We're going last week in feb (flights booked), so its going to be pretty busy wherever we go, but can't decide between Avoriaz being higher up, having no cars and looking like something the martians built etc but being stuck there in evenings, perhaps limited choice of restaurants etc, against Morzine being bigger but lower. Been to Morz before and liked it so current thinking is base ourselves there and spend a couple of days up at Avoriaz to get a feel for it. Just how busy will it be during french hols? :oo Cheers, Al
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