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Poster: A snowHead
Fri 3-03-17 19:39
Replies: 64
Bum bags are the way forward - you can get loads of crap in there, they look ace and there is no hassle on the lift.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Wed 1-03-17 18:58
Replies: 34
Haha, @honved, we had a couple of nights in the Hinterhagalm - had a good dance the first night but the mass of Dutch/ Scandinavians chanting that stupid darts/ White Stripes song ruined it, could see the band were pissed off! The second night we were too late after happy hour at Bergers so it was packed. We are usually mistaken for Germans or Dutch, nothing new there! ;)
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Tue 28-02-17 19:03
Replies: 34
@jedster - No irony on my part but I can understand why people might think that! I don't own any modern ski clothes as I prefer the style and find more practical the onesie! Same with the bumbag, much more convenient than wearing a bulky backpack! Of course there is a bit of fun involved as well but that is why I go skiing - to enjoy myself and have a good time - and not to take myself too seriously. The fact you barely pay for a beer in the apres ski bars is an added bonus! ;)
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Mon 27-02-17 22:00
Replies: 750
I've just returned from five fantastic days in Saalbach and we had all the conditions you can imagine! On the first morning we had a light dusting but it was cold and cloudy. On Tuesday it rained all day both in town and up the mountain, hence it was pretty quiet on the slopes and in the apres bars. Wednesday and Thursday the sun was out and the temperatures were in double figures, pushing fifteen both days. Skiing in sunglasses, with sleeves rolled up, jacket unzipped and without a hat was fantastic! Then it snowed hard overnight and during Friday morning but at lunch it suddenly cleared and hence our last afternoon was spent cruising about in some lovely powder. When we left on Saturday it was sunny again so probably a perfect day. Lots of the runs were getting cut up pretty badly but it was half term and there were alot of kids, learners and ski schools knocking about. We're rarely on the mountain before 10am either so it's our own fault for missing the bashed pistes! Fantastic apres ski and good food on the mountain so all in all Saalbach gets the thumbs up!
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Mon 27-02-17 18:57
Replies: 34
@DJL - That's an A-Basin hat, brilliant place to ski! @Themasterpiece - All from eBay, best to look out of season when they are cheaper!
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Sun 26-02-17 23:21
Replies: 34
Long time reader of these message boards but now is the time to post as this is a subject close to my heart. I love 80's fashion hence I love onesies and haven't skied in anything else for years. Between me and a friend we've amassed a decent collection which have been worn all over Europe and the US. I quite simply prefer them to modern ski clothing with the upside being lots of Germans and Dutch buy you beer and schnapps at apres ski! I've tried to upload some photos below, hope they work! Cheers. Me in white and my skiing buddy in pink with a well dressed local in Saalbach last week;[url=]windows print screen
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