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Poster: A snowHead
Sat 27-01-18 23:44
Replies: 2
I learned to ski in Alpe d'Huez (as a complete beginner) and found it an amazing place to learn. Still regard it as probably my favourite week and have had several since then. I was in group ski lessons with ESF for the week (Mon - Fri) and thought they were excellent, I'd really recommend them. Have a great trip!
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Sat 25-11-17 22:45
Replies: 84
Just last week I came off my bike. No vehicles involved as slid off while exiting a canal towpath - probably due to a combination of the wet conditions and the fact the surface of the path had been recently relaid. Not going excessively fast. Had some nasty scrapes to my legs as well as bruising to several different areas but nothing too major. Didn't land directly on my head but somehow managed to bruise the side of my face and put a dent in the cycle helmet. So I'd personally never ride without a cycle helmet now. May or may not have saved my life but the concrete for sure wouldn't have done my head a lot of good.
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Mon 5-12-16 18:10
Replies: 845
Tignes Le Lac Dec 2016 Intermediate level skier looking to cruise the pistes for a week.
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Thu 20-10-16 21:14
Replies: 27
You might be OK with the lift pass from Cervinia. We did exactly what you are thinking of - i.e. staying in Zermatt for a night while in Cervinia. The lift pass allowed us to start from Zermatt side but only once in a week, which was great for us:) So you may want to check whether that's still the case - we were there in Dec 14. We had the standard international lift pass though it was off peak as early Dec, though I doubt that makes any difference.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Thu 15-09-16 20:01
Replies: 7
I'd be really keen on a trip around those dates - 36yo male experienced skier. Travelling from Norwich so London would be fine. Really loved UCPA when I last went (Val Thorens) but never been to Tignes or Les Arcs.
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Thu 5-03-15 23:53
Replies: 23
I was in a similar position a couple of years ago and ended up going to Soldeu in Andorra. You can generally find reasonable flights into Barcelona and bus transfers are pretty frequent, if a little long. There's usually fairly decent packages (lessons, ski hire, lift pass) packages on the Grandvalira website and I found the group lessons to be excellent. Nightlife was good and people seemed friendly enough :) I found accommodation to be fairly cheap (stayed at the roc de sant miguel) and food/drink prices were reasonable. In fact, liked it so much I went back to the same place the following year, that time solo through choice (escaping exam hell!). I hear they have good snow but the only thing is I'm not sure what the resort would be like for an intermediate boarder (being a beginner-ish skier).
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Tue 18-11-14 21:04
Replies: 845
Cervinia Dec 2014 Up for meeting with anyone who will be out in Cervinia this week. Hoping to get over to Zermatt if links allow.
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Mon 17-11-14 22:10
Replies: 2
I've been to Soldeu for the past two seasons and though I can't really comment on what it's like in Dec (have been in Feb & Mar), it's an excellent ski area particularly suitable for beginners/intermediates. The snow has been amazing the times I've been - at least on the piste, can't comment on off piste (if indeed there even is any). I seem to remember you get an especially good deal if you book lessons with ski pass as a package on the grandvalira website. I'd really recommend the ski school, you get shown all the best places and it's great fun. Also I've hired skis from the Pic Negre store each time I've been and always had decent stuff but never tried Calbo - though Calbo is probably better located as it's right under the gondola. There's good nightlife in Soldeu and think it's a bit less expensive than France/Italy etc for food & drink. The transfer is quite long if you are taking a coach from the airport but they do seem quite frequent and I haven't had any issues with them. There's two companies - Direct Bus and Novatel (have tried both). Some of my favourite runs are in Soldeu - really want to get back there this season :)
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Sat 4-01-14 23:42
Replies: 0
Early intermediate skier (Male, 33) going to Andorra looking to meet others who are heading to Soldeu or other resorts in Grandvalira at a similar time. Going for the ski and the apres :D Get in touch if you fancy meeting up!
And post your own questions...
Fri 15-03-13 21:00
Replies: 0
Anyone around in Soldeu for the above dates? I'm a beginner (green/blue maybe red at a push runs) but can't wait to head out. 2nd ski trip :) Prob will do some lessons. Anyone know if you can book a day or so at a time? Fall over then get up and carry on :P
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