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Poster: A snowHead
Thu 19-04-18 18:03
Replies: 347
Yep, I’ve also heard they will be adding some reds to the coulouvrier. That was a nice run this year. If you were in a group as we were you could basically all go at your own pace and meet at the bottom although they were difficult sections to be graded blue. A few extra runs there would be good.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Mon 19-03-18 9:31
Replies: 347
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Thu 18-01-18 22:29
Replies: 22
Ok, so trip to Stratton completed. I got the bus after work from Manhattan and due to accidents on the motorway it took 6 hours rather than the scheduled 4. I stayed at my pal's place but he drove directly from New Jersey. This is the first time I've skied in the US and it is really different to the Alps. It was much, much colder than I've ever skied in before, and the base was just solid ice. I shouldn't complain but the grading took some getting used to as the signs for black double diamonds warned for experts only, but at worst it was the same as a French red / difficult blue.
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Tue 19-12-17 21:56
Replies: 22
Thanks everyone. I have also made contact with a friend from our US office who also recommened Stratton. He said it's further but probably quieter and he may be able to give me a lift as he sometimes skis at weekends. Much appreciated re checking snow reports beforehand but I am stuck in NYC for the weekend so fingers crossed a weekend skiing in any snow is better than stuck in Manhattan or going to the office.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Tue 19-12-17 14:11
Replies: 22
I will be in New York on business in January but have a weekend to kill. Can anyone recommend a ski resort close to NYC that is good for intermediates and advanced. Also tips on how to get there and where to stay would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Wed 18-10-17 14:19
Replies: 7
i went 2 or 3 years ago. We flew to Munich and it was cheaper to hire a car and park it at the hotel for a week although Innsbruck would be much closer in price. We went over Xmas and there was plenty of snow even though the village didnt have any. They have invested well to make sure there is enough snowmaking equipment.
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Thu 3-08-17 13:14
Replies: 39
i remember that about 3-4 years I got a family of 3 in a chalet hotel in Saas Fee at February half term for £900, including flight transfers, and half board. Unfortunately no such deals the following year and the price was much more so if you want busy times be prepared not go go, or too pay more than booking early.
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Sun 5-03-17 20:26
Replies: 9
Morillon doesn't have a lot of life to it so probably 3V.
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Thu 2-03-17 11:21
Replies: 415
I dont head out to Samoens for another 4 weeks so hopefully it means a respectable end of season ski.
And post your own questions...
Thu 2-03-17 9:32
Replies: 415
Not sure the best site for snow forecasts but skiclub gb is forecasting 250cm of snow in next 9 days for flaine and 165cm for samoens!! If so woo hoo!!
which other snowHeads love to answer.
Tue 17-01-17 19:02
Replies: 824
Very excited as I'm coming out to Morzine on Thursday.
And they're a friendly bunch.
Wed 11-01-17 20:52
Replies: 8
Cremaillere looks good. Looking at maps is it at the top of the Ardent lift?
You know it makes sense.
Wed 11-01-17 18:46
Replies: 8
Thanks for the suggestions so far. We are a mixed group who are in our 40s and 50s and this wiil be our first time to the PDS as we usually go to the Grand Massif. Although we ski hard in the morning we do like a bottle or 2 of wine at lunchtime and the end of the day. Staying in a catered chalet so its lunchtime and immediately after skiing we're looking for somewhere. Please keep the suggestions coming.
Otherwise you'll just go on seeing the one name:
Wed 11-01-17 15:25
Replies: 8
We're a big group off to Morzine next week and we will have 2 birthdays coming up within the group. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant / bar for our lunch and apres ski celebrations. Thanks
Poster: A snowHead
Tue 27-12-16 19:22
Replies: 68
I skied with contacts for nearly 30 years and had no problems, although I always wore sunglasses and goggles in poor visbility. You'll be fine.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Thu 29-09-16 22:46
Replies: 11
Hire a car. We flew to Munich then rented a car, drove to obergurgl and one week later drove it back. Didn't use it at all in between but it was by far the cheapest option.
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Fri 23-09-16 13:04
Replies: 11
Great place, excellent snow making facilities if natural snow is poor, lots of nice hotels and restaurants, and not too busy. We went to Obergurgl at Xmas 2015 and had a great time.
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Fri 1-01-16 2:27
Replies: 32
The OP is right. We are just back from a week in Obergurgl, and we usually ski in the Grand Massif, and the blacks in Austria are comparable to the reds in France. The Austrian reds are comparable to the French blues. The colours are relative to each other within the resort rather than the same across the Alps.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Wed 21-01-15 14:08
Replies: 49
If you can aim for a high resort. Make sure you are up early and ski as much as you can in the morning. Stop for a lateish lunch and enjoy the sun on the terraces with a bottle of wine. Ski back down to the resort
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Thu 30-01-14 0:42
Replies: 17
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