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Poster: A snowHead
Thu 9-02-17 20:27
Replies: 80
currently running vredestein quatrac 5 on my disco had wintrac extremes on before, did 23k on them used all year round both very impressive tyre's although the quatrac is more of an all season tyre but still carries the snowflake/mountain logo.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Sun 4-12-16 2:58
Replies: 23
couldn't have put it better my self all I got was 'king snooker!
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Mon 28-12-15 23:47
Replies: 9
Hi been to Rauris twice stayed both times at the rauriserhof hotel which is brilliant, great food and the owners are really lovely people the resort whilst not having miles of piste is really nice( my sons learnt to ski there) its very quiet but a very traditional town with very friendly people,worth a punt I'd say.
You need to Login to know who's who.
Tue 23-12-14 16:02
Replies: 38
Got mine this morning thanks admin. Some really great photos on there.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Mon 29-09-14 20:52
Replies: 564
Borris, I think i've got the same vehicle as you a D4 LR? I run vredestein wintrac 4 xtreme's all year round, I have used them in some quite nasty conditions and never had any problems. my experience of them is they wear really well, dry handling very good, wet weather excellent, snow ice etc as good as it gets and they are very quiet in normal driving conditions. Fuel consumption the same as before.(click on tyres have these @ 165 at the moment I think). As far as using winter tyres, its a personal choice I suppose. But from my own experience driving from the Hook to Munich on our first family diy ski trip; It was cold and sunny to Munich, got up the next morning bloody blizzard all the way to resort (Rauris if you're interested!) me i'm never driving in those conditions again without the proper tyres! fast foward a few years, we went just before Christmas on a last minute one (val cenis) absolutly dumped down didn't even give it a second thought driving around. I do have chains as well but they're still unused at the moment! Oh well, thats my first post done at last. :D
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