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Poster: A snowHead
Fri 12-01-18 14:24
Replies: 4784
any recomendations where i can get a plate of chips and a beer up on the mountain, obviously not looking for posh expensive chips......thanks Marmottes at the bottom of Borsat/Marmottes lift, perhaps? Ouillette on top of Solaise, maybe - I've never been but I get the impression it might be what you're after.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Wed 10-01-18 12:14
Replies: 1542
can anyone point me in the direction please for the graphs for livignio? Thanks in advance This should be it:
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Tue 16-05-17 13:34
Replies: 1122
Apparently there is some construction going on near Rosset lift. Does anyone know what work is being done?
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Sun 26-02-17 21:13
Replies: 17
Thanks all! Yeah I think we did end up at Swiss Chalet last year - seemed ok. Will give the jazz place a try this year!
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Sun 26-02-17 12:26
Replies: 17
Hi guys/gals, hope this is an okay place to post this, When/if you arrive at a Geneva and are waiting in arrivals for your transfer, what's your preferred spot for maximum comfort and decent food/drink? (excluding any fancy airline lounges that some of you might have access to!) Thanks for any replies!
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Sun 26-02-17 12:05
Replies: 4129
Hey guys/gals, sometimes these meteogramms have red bars within the green snow bars at the bottom. Anyone know definitively what the red bars mean?
Well, it's only polite to Register
Fri 3-02-17 12:14
Replies: 4129
@Jellybeans1000, agreed, bergfex is "ZAMG" whatever that is, but I've noticed it's definitely more in line with ECM.
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Fri 3-02-17 11:42
Replies: 4129
@Bennyboy1, GFS Op run (snow forecast) vs ECM-based (bergfex). The rest of the GFS ensemble runs say more snow, like ECM, so it'll be somewhere in the middle probably! See here - - if snowforecast used the average (red line) instead of the op run (black line), then it would be much closer to the bergfex numbers...
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Fri 27-01-17 17:22
Replies: 4784
@James the Last, @Dr John, thanks! Sounds perfect. For some reason I did not try the Borsat/Grand Pre lifts last year.
And post your own questions...
Fri 27-01-17 13:58
Replies: 4784
Hey Steve, a little question from me (feel free to answer on the broadcast or here)... For a decent piste-only skier like myself, can you recommend any pistes where there is some fun to be had just by straying off to the side of it? (I will be shepherding my beginner wife&daughter down blues most of the time so it would be nice if I could alleviate the boredom a bit!) Thanks for all the broadcasts and blogs as usual!
which other snowHeads love to answer.
Fri 6-01-17 11:45
Replies: 648
Sorry if I'm late to the party, but I just noticed the Les Coches webcam is back in working order! Thought I would share...
And they're a friendly bunch.
Sat 6-02-16 17:12
Replies: 4784
Thanks again Steve for the session this morning. Great tips and we very much enjoyed our well-earned hot dogs in the Rosee Blanche. Then headed back up to Toviere then blasted down Combe Folle and Trolles with new-found confidence! :) All the best, Alan
You know it makes sense.
Wed 27-01-16 12:55
Replies: 4784
@Steve Angus, What I did come across today was this article about livestreaming from a gopro through periscope which opens up a whole new ball game! Link is below: I will be in Espace Killy on Feb 5/6/7 with a friend who has a GoPro (hopefully the Hero4) - I will try to broadcast from @alansk on periscope, so start following me if you like and wait and see :) Then hopefully Steve can critique my shoddy skiing technique too!
Otherwise you'll just go on seeing the one name:
Fri 18-12-15 14:49
Replies: 8
Poster: A snowHead
Fri 18-12-15 14:35
Replies: 8
Ah thanks - so "Toviere lift" is the "Aeroski", I guess. And it was not clear from piste map that you could ski from the top of Toviere to bottom of Marmottes. Cheers for clearing that up!
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Fri 18-12-15 14:26
Replies: 8
Hi! :) We have a trip to Tignes Les Boisses in Feb... I was just wondering what is the quickest route from Tignes Les Boisses to the top of the Bellevarde. From the piste map I would say: Boisses lift Aiguille Rouge lift Bleuets piste (not sure now... maybe should go to Aeroski instead of Paquis?) Paquis lift Crocus piste Combe Folle lift Violettes then Creux piste Mont Blanc lift Moutons piste Marmottes lift I there now? :~/ Any advice appreciated! Thanks!
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