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Poster: A snowHead
Thu 9-11-17 11:07
Replies: 207
@geepee, don't encourage him, he needs to save that money for either my inheritance or to take me on a trip to BC. BC? The only BC I can think of is Bratton Clovelly and I don't think that there is much there for us...but if you want to go then OK.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Wed 8-11-17 23:03
Replies: 207
Last year 9 months after retiring at 65 my son talked me into going on a MyAsH bash. I had skied for about 2 hours the previous year in Canada but it had been a disaster as one ski kept falling off. However by the end of the week at Livingo I got my fall rate per day into single figures. I went back again this year, had three night ski sessions in Canada in March and also did the EoSB. Looking forward to seeing if I can remember how to do it on the slopes again this year!!!!!!!
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