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Poster: A snowHead
Mon 8-02-16 12:25
Replies: 4
Wow,wow,wow! Now that is my kinda resort. Creaky old chairs and slow drags make for a exquisitely quiet ski area. I will definitely be paying a visit on one my regular drives up the Rhone valley. Thanks for sharing. :D
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Wed 9-02-11 12:01
Replies: 9
brian, I am looking at buying in grimentz (looked before about 6 years ago but bottled it) and have seen posts from you about it. Would you be willing/able to give me any tips. The main agent i am using is Annimmob but i have registered with the other 3. I am mainly being offered foreigner places to the left of the telecabine start eg Chateaupre, Piste rouge and I wondered if you had any tips on those in terms of location, quality etc. Actually, any input at all gratefully received.Chris, I am going through exactly this process now. I would be more than happy to relate my experiences directly if you are happy to post your mail address.
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