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Poster: A snowHead
Thu 24-05-18 17:26
Replies: 13
Ok, much as it would be nice if Glisshop were more helpful, I get that thereís no way to prove they werenít smashed into a rock. I donít really expect much from the retailer. To be honest, this is the first time weíve bought skis, after years and years of renting. We are just a bit gutted they appear to be trashed after 4 days use. Weíve certainly known about clipping skis weíve hired, but Iíve never had any damage like this. I was more looking for a bit of advice or thoughts on whether they are worth repairing or could be faulty and not worth spending any more on. Jon - apologies, I didnít know about your business. Equally, I didnít know Glisshop were the root of all evil. We did look around in ski shops near us, but they didnít have anything we wanted. Glisshop seemed to be the only place that had these available (although hardly discounted at all) with the frame touring bindings we wanted as an option so we decided to go for them. I guess we wonít make the same mistake again. Anyway, cheers all.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Fri 18-05-18 18:05
Replies: 13
Great, thanks very much for those ideas. I was a bit worried there was no hope for them. Will look into the credit card protection, and also try contacting them in a bit more public forum!
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Fri 18-05-18 17:25
Replies: 13
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone here can offer an opinion or some advice. Weíve tried contacting Movement but they have been unresponsive. Glisshop, where we bought the skis, have also been unhelpful. Basically my wife bought these Movement Vista 84 skis new in February and took them to Val Thorens over Easter. We were skiing on piste this week. After four days of fairly relaxed skiing, the top layer of the ski started coming apart and the wood core showing through. Hopefully the pictures are clear. Glisshop, where we bought them, claimed there must have been a crash and impact with a rock. Now we know that didnít happen, but also the bases are completely unscratched. I canít see how this could happen without us realising, if the skis werenít faulty to begin with. The failure is pretty much all the way along the top sheet of the ski, is this a normal way for skis to fail? Can they be repaired? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Cheers Eamonn
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Sat 9-01-16 15:21
Replies: 290
Hi, I haven't posted before, however the change of tone of this thread has motivated me to do so. We spent Xmas week in Saalbach, visiting for the first time, and prior to going read up a lot on the area. Tatman's advice over the past couple of years' threads massively enhanced our week, from the best runs to ski, mountain huts to eat at, bars and restaurants around the town, to where to hire gear - thank you Tatman (and others who have contributed!) We skied over 250km in the week on what was at that time almost entirely artificial snow, with temperatures barely dipping below 0 for the whole week. The pistes were race track fast for the first few hours in the morning, then did cut up in the afternoon, however the job the piste team did each night was incredible. It didn't at all stop us having a great weeks skiing. I can only imagine how much better the pistes are now that there has been some natural snow and temperatures are low enough to run the snow cannons. The pistes undoubtedly will have improved over the past few weeks... I found all of the advice from people on the ground in Saalbach to be useful opinions on the state of conditions, which we generally agreed with once we were there. I honestly believe there is no place for the unnecessarily aggressive/personal comments which have appeared of late in this forum. Cheers Eamonn
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