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Poster: A snowHead
Fri 13-01-17 9:16
Replies: 245
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Thu 12-01-17 21:40
Replies: 245
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Thu 12-01-17 21:29
Replies: 245
Due to get colder overnight, so surely any damage will be minimilised by snow early doors tomorrow morning?
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Tue 10-01-17 8:37
Replies: 245
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Tue 10-01-17 8:29
Replies: 245
Cannot wait, fly out on Sunday for first time, couldn't have timed it more perfectly (or at least lady luck is being nice), good snow up to and including Sunday - then apparently bluebird skies next week! (Or at least that's what is currently forecasted). Keeping everything crossed that pans out. :D
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Thu 5-01-17 22:44
Replies: 2880
@Drew Carey, as a beginner - to be honest - you want flat pistes and blue skies. Everything else is luxury... Indeed, nice pistes and blue sky would be heaven but part of me really wants it to at the very least have enough snow to get rid of the brown / green sides to pistes! @nozawaonsen Cheers, will keep an eye out daily for all the posts and keep doing my daily snow dance to the gods.
Well, it's only polite to Register
Thu 5-01-17 22:13
Replies: 2880
@nozawaonsen From looking at the current various charts etc, would you agree that Trois Vallées between now and 16th are likely to have a few small flurries, but nothing major? All I'm hoping for (as a beginner) still is enough to make it look wintery and to freshen the pistes up.
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Wed 4-01-17 11:48
Replies: 2880
I think it's going to eastern/northern Alps and not France - Austria main beneficiary this week and next it would seem at the moment GFS / GEM both showing more than a sprinkle for next week for Trois Vallees (looking at the Ventusky website Monsieur Jellybean provided). Various apps / websites which use this data also showing the same thing......obviously, a week away - will likely change and be dry / warm and everything melted!!!!
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Wed 4-01-17 11:04
Replies: 2880
After the snowfall arrives this evening and tomorrow GFS has a further band of snow for the eastern Alps on Monday before a more substantial fall of snow across the northern Alps on 10/11 January. Its this band forecasted on 10/11 that really interests me......keeping everything crossed that it gives the Trois Vallees an aesthetic sprinkling at the very least (as a newbie going on 15th, just would love my first trip to not resemble going down monochromatic golf fairways!!!). :sH:
And post your own questions...
Fri 30-12-16 12:16
Replies: 245
(Really helpful info.....) Thanks for all the good tips. Will take that on board. Will likely get a Meribel pass only and the. Use the free 3v extension and then decide.
which other snowHeads love to answer.
Thu 29-12-16 10:38
Replies: 245
Howdy all. Question related to weather but not wife and I are off on our first ski trip starting 15th of Jan staying in Mottaret. (Have about 20hrs in Tamworth fridge by way of experience). Given the current piste conditions and unlikelihood of there being much more snow - trying to decide between 3 Vallées or Meribel only pass. As beginners, if there was good snow everywhere then I imagine that Meribel only would suffice for our first trip. We have lessons each morning, leaving us the rest of the day to improve / go our own way. Given differing conditions - which pass would you get?
And they're a friendly bunch.
Thu 22-12-16 13:52
Replies: 2880
Cheers for the update @nozawaonsen I am keeping everything crossed that the above occurs (Everything!!!!) - even if it skirts Trois Vallees where I will be interested in - it should bring much needed change. Time to be optimistic!!!
You know it makes sense.
Thu 22-12-16 11:31
Replies: 2880
What's everyone doing for Christmas then? Watching this thread? :sH:
Otherwise you'll just go on seeing the one name:
Wed 21-12-16 11:08
Replies: 2880
@Drew Carey, we have an idea of what will happen in the next couple of weeks. It looks better for Southern Europe on predictions from EC and CFS. But IMHO, there is a similar chance of cooler winds to the North meaning more snow for the Northern Alps. The charts have been unseasonably inaccurate from past approx 5 days. But when we get into proper winter, if we ever do, the charts will become much more accurate to 10 days and further in some cases. Trends over 24 hours, even better a few days, are the best way to see confidence levels rise. By the time you get there, some patterns will have changed in particular Negative NAO and AO around the 28th. Cheers for the positivity.....does help. On a separate note, the amount I am learning from this tread (and wider reading) is superb. It's made me have a new found appreciation for the art of weather prediction!! :-)
Poster: A snowHead
Wed 21-12-16 9:59
Replies: 2880
Cheers everyone for the confidence boosting. Need to try and stop looking at webcams / forecast sites etc!!!! :lol: Easier said than done!
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Wed 21-12-16 9:46
Replies: 2880
@nozawaonsen Cheers for the reply, that's my current feeling - anything can happen in the timeframe. Just lots of negativity around and hard not to get concerned. To be honest, providing pistes are ok, then I know we will have a blast - would be nice if everything had a sprinkle for aesthetics, but not a major concern.
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Wed 21-12-16 9:16
Replies: 2880
Hi weather Gods / Guru's (Yes flattery helps!) a total newbie to the site, with my first ever winter holiday being Meribel-Mottaret on the 15th of January I have been following this thread for weeks with both fear (of all the doom & gloom) and incredible has taught me a lot! So thank you. Whilst I can see that there is likely to be little hope of major snow between now and when we go, given that we will be on piste only for lessons etc (as only have approx. 20 hrs experience in snow dome), will the manufactured pistes they have currently last if no further snow? i.e. whats the likelihood of there being a really bad Foehn that thaws the lot? I assume up high not an issue? With the forecast being so dire, I am now trying to allay my wife's fear that it will all melt and our holiday will be cancelled!!!!!
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