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Poster: A snowHead
Wed 2-12-15 1:18
Replies: 287
Thanks I'll have a look at those. It's impossible to know whether they're any good until you actually try them in flat light I suppose!
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Mon 30-11-15 17:03
Replies: 287
Thanks everyone I haven't got a helmet yet either, I hired last year so it sounds like im probably better going and trying goggles and helmet together. Ive got some borrowed goggles that are ok for now so will wait and see what the prices are like in Livigno! we're very limited for skiing shops in preston!!
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Mon 30-11-15 16:08
Replies: 287
Can anyone recommend any reasonably priced goggles for flat light? £50ish Max? Ive not a clue what i'm looking for! Or im wondering whether it would be better to wait And buy in resort! I can't remember what the prices were like in Livigno last year though!
You need to Login to know who's who.
Mon 12-01-15 15:30
Replies: 123
@adithorp, I'm in too!! See you at the airport :D Me too, see you at the airport! Can't wait!
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Wed 7-01-15 13:03
Replies: 123
I've only been skiing twice and havent been for 4 years so I'm at a similar level! I was hoping to do the same in the afternoons so that sounds good to me!
You'll need to Register first.
Mon 5-01-15 19:57
Replies: 123
Well, it's only polite to Register
Sun 16-11-14 0:01
Replies: 123
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Sat 15-11-14 22:32
Replies: 123
Cheers, Are you flying from Manchester or Gatwick? The Manchester flight gets in at 10.10am as well!
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Sat 15-11-14 15:27
Replies: 123
Great thanks. I'm happy to share a quad or triple don't mind! Not done anything like this before hence all the questions! Will get the flights booked now.
And post your own questions...
Sat 15-11-14 11:23
Replies: 123
When is this to be booked? Should I book flights now? What is the situation with room sharing? Sorry for all the questions!
which other snowHeads love to answer.
Sat 15-11-14 1:38
Replies: 123
And they're a friendly bunch.
Fri 14-11-14 21:13
Replies: 123
Hi, Is there anyone else going from Manchester? Also I've only been skiing twice before and not for a few years so im probably a beginner really, is anyone else at that level? I'm wondering whether I would need more than 2 hours lessons per day?
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