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   We know of 17 ski resorts in Slovak Republic  
1 Demanovska Dolina - Jasna Demanovska Dolina - Jasna site
2 Donovaly Donovaly site
3 Jasenska Dolina Jasenska Dolina site
4 Jasna - Chopok Jasna - Chopok site
5 Krahule - Skalka Krahule - Skalka site
6 Kuzminovo Kuzminovo site
7 Liptovsky Jan - Javorovica Liptovsky Jan - Javorovica site
8 Mala Lucivna Mala Lucivna site
9 Martinske Hole Martinske Hole site
10 Ostry Grun - Kollarova Ostry Grun - Kollarova site
11 Pezinska Baba Pezinska Baba site
12 Polana Polana site
13 Sachticky Sachticky site
14 Selce - Cachovo Selce - Cachovo site
15 Skipark Ruzomberok Skipark Ruzomberok site
16 Strbske Pleso Strbske Pleso site
17 Veľk Rača Očadnica Veľk Rača Očadnica site
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