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1 Appi Kogen Appi Kogen site
2 Asahi Shizen kan Asahi Shizen kan site
3 Biwako Valley Biwako Valley site
4 Crico Crico site
5 Daisen Kokusai Daisen Kokusai site
6 Daisen Uenohara Daisen Uenohara site
7 Fujiten Fujiten site
8 Gokurakuzaka Gokurakuzaka site
9 Happo'one/Hakuba Valley Happo'one/Hakuba Valley site
10 Ikawa Kainayama Ikawa Kainayama site
11 Ishiuchi Maruyama Ishiuchi Maruyama site
12 Japanese skiresorts Japanese skiresorts site
13 Kamuisp Kamuisp site
14 Kiroro Kiroro site
15 Kotobiki Forest Park Kotobiki Forest Park site
16 Kurobushi Kogen - Jungle Jungle Kurobushi Kogen - Jungle Jungle site
17 Masumizu Kogen Masumizu Kogen site
18 Miinohara Miinohara site
19 Naeba Naeba site
20 Niseko Niseko site
21 Niseko Annupuri Niseko Annupuri site
22 Niseko Higashiyama Niseko Higashiyama site
23 Niseko Kogen / Hanazono Niseko Kogen / Hanazono site
24 Niseko-Alpen Niseko-Alpen site
25 Nozawa Onsen Nozawa Onsen site
26 Rusutsu Rusutsu site
27 Sanbe Onsen Sanbe Onsen site
28 Sapporo Moiwayama Sapporo Moiwayama site
29 Sarukurayama Sarukurayama site
30 Shiga Kogen Shiga Kogen site
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